NEW Antiqued Silver Plate Findings in the shop !!

Alyssabeths Vintage is happy to announce new vintage style Antiqued Silver Plated findings in the shop, including settings, bead caps, drops, charms, connectors, filigree and more!!  Like with our Antiqued Brass Findings, all of our brass and plated brass is crafted and plated in the US using vintage and antiquing tooling stamps to create little treasures from the past and are lead and nickel free!

Antiqued Silver Ox Vintage Style Art Nouveau Floral Drops

Antiqued Silver Ox Vintage Style Art Nouveau Floral Vine Drops Dangles

Antiqued Silver Ox Ornate Bohemian Hoop Dangle

Ornate Bohemian Antiqued Silver Ox Flower Floral Embossed Teardrop Hoop Earring Dangles Drops

10mm floral bead cap Antiqued Silver Ox filigree

Antiqued Silver Ox Leaf Filigree Bead Caps Scroll Floral 10mm


Elegant Estate Sale Finds!

Vintage Lalique Crystal Cactus No.2 Perfume Falcon Bottle Vintage Lalique Crystal Cactus No.2 Perfume Falcon Bottle. Stunning, cactus inspired Lalique Crystal Perfume Falcon – in perfect condition, in original box! Part of an Estate that we are liquidating, this bottle … Continue reading

Vintage Lace Pendant Necklace DIY

Oh…. I adore lace, most especially vintage and antique lace and recently purchased a large box vintage lace at an Estate Sale for my shop. There were mostly large rolls, but also so just bits and pieces of lace and … Continue reading

Vintage Pastel Beads for Spring

I am so happy that Spring is finally around the corner after the long and cold winter that we’ve been having. I’ve been busy adding new and vintage beads to Alyssabeths Vintage, all in lovely soft Spring Pastels for your … Continue reading

Burlap & Bling Bud Vase – Dollar Store Crafting

Shabby Chic Inspired Burlap and Bling Bud Vase Tutorial: I love crafting with items that I find at the Dollar Store, or in the case from the $1.00 section of Michaels. Last week I made a trip to Michaels for … Continue reading

How to Glue Cabochons & Cameos

One of the easiest ways to attach a cabochons, resin flowers, cameos or flat back stone to a setting is to glue it. First tip is not to use household glues such as craft glue or a glue gun, neither will … Continue reading

DIY Glitter Chic Easter Decor

I thinking everyone is looking forward to Spring after the harsh Winter this years.  I’ve already begun looking toward and working  Easter and Spring craft and jewelry projects. ~ Glitter Chic Egg Decor Turorial ~  A very easy little Easter craft … Continue reading

Spring Bling!

Vintage Rose Pink & Mint Green Rhinestone Flower Pendant

Vintage Rose Pink & Mint Green Rhinestone Flower Pendant

Oh who isn’t ready for Winter to be done and isn’t searching for signs of Spring? At Alyssabeths Vintage we wouldn’t wait any longer and have been adding new Spring Inspired Rhinestone drops, charms and pendants to the shop!

Bridal Jewels Rosaline Pink & Crystal Rhinestone Duo Drop Charms

Bridal Jewels Rosaline Pink & Crystal Rhinestone Duo Drop Charms

Lovely Large Violet Amethyst Round Rhinestone Drops or Conenctors

Lovely Large Violet Amethyst Round Rhinestone Drops or Conenctors

Vintage Swarovski Peach Octagon Rhinestone Jewel Drops and Connectors

Vintage Swarovski Peach Octagon Rhinestone Jewel Drops and Connectors

Vintage 12x10mm Glass Octagon Rose Pink Stones Drops Brass Settings

Vintage 12x10mm Glass Octagon Rose Pink Stones Drops Brass Settings

Featured Etsy Shop – MY VINTAGE ALCOVE

The Holiday decorating and shopping season is upon us!!!   The Fall Décor is up and if weather soon permits the pumpkins will adorn the porch.  Our Fall and Christmas décor is filled with our own DIY projects or from other artists, mostly from my favorite Etsy Sellers.

This weeks featured favorite shop or shops is My Vintage Alcove and Haute Interiors :

My very first Etsy shop was my hand-crafted shop, “Haute Interiors LLC”. I began incorporating a few vintage hardware pieces into it & they sold very quickly. I was then bitten by the “vintage bug”. I did not like the cluttered look of my shop, so I opened my vintage shop in 2010, “My Vintage Alcove”, and it has changed my life!

 I grew up in the 70s with the Avocado Greens and Harvest Golds of that era. For some reason, as a child I was drawn to kitchenware of that period. I remember my mother throwing away perfectly good pieces, and I would go behind her, pull them out and save them. I would pre-shop her garage sales and kept items I would later take to my apartment. I remember her commenting to me how common these items were to her. They might have been common to that time, but I loved them.
As an adult, I look back at these pieces and reflect on the quality, how they were made & how well they have survived the passage of time. When I am out shopping, I purchase these quality houseware & home décor items that I am drawn to. I love reading the notes from my customers of how they saw an item in my shop that triggered a happy memory from the past, or all of their family members had an item and they wanted one of their very own, or why an item was gifted to another. These are part of the reason why selling vintage is so fulfilling for me.

 My goal is to grow my shop to the point where it will help support my family. Last autumn, I learned what persistence, dedication & consistency achieved for my shop. Therefore, at the beginning of 2013, I set goals for myself to grow my business. Etsy is definitely a learning experience, but it has also been a fun journey along the way. I get excited every time I hear the cha-ching of a sale on my phone, or see what new destination at item will be shipped to. It still amazes me that I am engaging in commerce internationally.

 Etsy is a wonderful world-wide marketplace, and I am an avid supporter of the hand-made and vintage movement. Etsy is a blessing for me and it has allowed me to achieve things that I never would have thought possible for me.

 ~ Michele Nicholson.

Chic Repurposed Jewel Cross DIY

What woman doesn’t like a little glitter and bling?!?  I know I do, and love to find ways to reuse & repurpose bits and pieces of vintage jewelry that are a little tattered and maybe missing a stone or two.

This cross tutorial is so easy, using relatively common items turned out to be an elegant addition to my office.

·         Wooden Cross

·         Brass Filigree

·         White Paint

·         Clear or White Glitter

·         Broken Vintage Rhinestone Earring

·         Scrapbooking jewel embellishments

·         Rosary Chain

·         Glue

First thing is to pain the cross and brass filigree white.  Once the cross is dry adorn with glitter, then attach the brass filigree.  Let those dry.  Now you can adorn with the vintage jewelry piece of your choice, I used a vintage AB Rhinestone Earring.  Now you can adorn your little cross with little scrapbook jewel embellishments, I used clear and pearl.  To hang the cross I used a bit of vintage pearl rosary chain that I used to carry in my shop.

As always, Happy Crafting!