Ode to my favorite pair of shoes

The morning started off so… well, I even got to wear jeans to work ! As I’m traipsing into work this morning, in my favorite jeans (they actually make my butt look good) suddenly I feel what I thought was my knee giving way, but no it was much worse, my favorite shoes at that moment had decided to kick the bucket. I hobbled into work directly to materials management where 3 of us, supper glued, splinted and masking tapped the heel so that hopefully they would make it through the day, and miraculously they did. I love those shoes! Ladies, you know what it’s like to find the perfect all around shoe, you know a pair that fits perfectly, doesn’t pinch or bind any place, perfect height heel, goes with everything, looks sexy without being slutty! This pair of shoes was it for me, and now alas they are gone. My silly husband says, just go buy another pair, the man must be delusional. He has no idea that we women take buying shoes, jeans and bras like our National Security is banking on it. He does not realize all of the variable that go into a perfect pair of shoes. And now my friends, I have the daunting task of searching for replacement shoes, all in my way beware !


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