Bejeweled Furniture Knobs

I’m in the process of re-vamping some old antique furniture for my daughter’s room, from horrible old dark to bright white. She wants black and white bedding, but her walls are a pale green, and frankly I’m not up to painting walls right now. I’ve looked every where for knobs for the furniture and if I can find something it’s crazy expensive. so, i put my creative thinking cap on and came up with the perfect solution. I took plain wooden knobs from Lowe’s, I think they were less than a dollar each, painted them black. Dug out the jewelry supplies and created a little bit of jewelry to attach to the knobs using a silver spacer to which attached a green crystal rhinestone using a strong jewelers type glue, I also used this to attache to the knobs. these are now the perfect color combination for her room ! Yeah


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