New Line of Gift Tags

Now I have completely taken over the formal dining room for my “hobby” as my husband is calling it. I suppose once I start actually making money instead of spending it on supplies then he might, just might start considering it my second job? Oh well, any how I love it and it keeps me sane and gives me joy!

So, now I’ve started delving into decorative collage gift tags and it’s so much fun. You should see my stash of glitter, I should take a picture. I so love glitter! And yes, I’ve already started on Halloween and Christmas tags. Eventually I will also be creating paper and glitter kits, along with some of my vintage buttons , ephemera and lace stash.

Paris Pink and Rose with Black Ornate Victorian Checkerboard Framed Accent Gift Tags
Glitter Pink Happy Birhdaygift Tags

Marie Antoinette with Pink RosesCollage Gift Tags
Pink Glittery Birthday Cake with Pink and Chocolate Roses Gift Tags

Silver Framed Parisian Mademoiselle Collage Gift  Tags

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