Vie for Color – Handpainted Clothing and Canvas

Because painting was my primary art form for most of my life, which as of yesterday is 51 years, I find myself very much drawn to her work. Her canvas works are bold, bright and modern. When she translates these canvases into art work on clothing and purses it just well, turn into FUN! The cut of the clothing is a perfect match for the fun, free flowing, modern patterns and colors of her art.

You can find her works on Etsy –

This is a hand painted sweatshirt. Original designs and vibrant colors make this sweatshirt come to life. On the back the green and purple are lined with a metallic trim to make the shapes pop on the pale pink sweatshirt.

Right Right Right 
A hand painted dark brown cotton shirt. Original design with vibrant metallic colors. One of a kind.

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