1920’s Chifarobe Before and After !

I finally…… finished the 1920’s chifarobe for Alyssa’s room. I’ve had this piece of furniture since I was in my 20’s, so that is a very long time in deed. Until I started getting it ready to paint I didn’t realize how bad a shape it was in. I had to re-build a couple of drawers, some of the side veneer had become a massive bubble that I ended-up having to cut-out and fill in with wood putty, etc. I attached the same furniture appliqué as I did to the vanity to tie the two pieces together, painted the chifarobe the same creamy white and attached more of the hand painted glossy pulls.  All in all I think the ol” girl turned out pretty well, even if it did take me a month!
Shabby Chic White After !

4 thoughts on “1920’s Chifarobe Before and After !

  1. Thanks everyone – I never dream how much work this thing was going to be. And why…. did I wait until it was so hot outside?

    I do have a giveaway coming-up with Blogmania that I need to feature. As soon as I get it up on my blog I'll run on over to Josh's site and list it! Thanks for the heads-up!

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