BEST Team Featured Artist – Just Peachy

I think one of my favorite things about writing my weekly feature is reading the “about me” feature on everyone’s blogs.   Take  my feature for this week, Rachel with Just Peachy, not only is she a newlywed and apparently the most patient woman that I know, they dated for 10 years before getting married (I think I had 2 different husbands in 10 years at one time), so congratulations Miss Rachel!!!!!   But the lucky girl lives in Orlando!  Her friends and coworkers have dubbed her “Martha Stewart” because she will try anything creative, don’t worry they just have glitter envy, lol.   It takes a brave soul to delve into different mediums, because as we know it is not nearly….. as easy as Martha Stewart makes it look!
If you take a look around her Etsy Shop, Little Peach Fuzz
you will find adorable and creative jewelry and accessories, ok I’m really partial to the fabric origami rings and my daughter (who I use to gauge anything “young”, well younger than 40, says they are way cute).

Lotus Origami Ring – Red Flower Print Blue Glitter Clay Yellow Green

I also have a thing for buttons, I have drawers of them that I’ve collected forever and I don’t sew.  Go figure.  So, I anytime I see a creation of repurposing project with buttons my eyes get a sparkle!!  Rachel has created soem really adorable earrings, necklaces and bracelets with buttons, all of which look great with the cute origami ring!

Button Dangle Earrings – Baby Blue Pink Shiny Metallic

Button Bracelet – Bright Pink White Blue Multi Sizes

Oh almost forgot to tell you, right now she is having a SALE!!! 20% OFF YOUR ENTIRE PURCHASE. EXCLUDING SHIPPING ENDS SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 18TH, 2010
And… when you get a change grab a cup of coffee and check out her cute Just Peachy blog



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