Etsy Love H & J Star Creations

Do you hear the clock ticking faster, I sure do and time is running out to finish my Christmas shopping!  This year I’ve purchased a good deal of my gifts for my family here and away from Etsy, yes I am seriously addicted to this wonderful shopping site.  And why is that, well I prefer hand craftsmen ship, massed produced items are so impersonal and to me so boring.

As you know I’m a frugal crafter, design and sell jewelry on Etsy.  But I have a secret passion for fabric, love the stuff and guess what I can’t sew, so I am always fascinated by those who can.  Take H & J Star Creations for example, she crafts purses, totes reusable lunch bags and so… much more!  It’s amazing to me.

I adore her shop on Etsy, the unique designs and the BIG, BOLD colors and wonderful prices!  I asked Judy to tell us a little about herself:

“Thanks! I have always loved to sew, and about 5 years ago when my son was in a play they asked me to sew the costumes.. I was hooked again, just loved all the fabric choices out there. I had originally discovered etsy as a buyer, and my daughter made a lot of jewelry, so we first started with a shop for her.. h (holly) and j (judy). She soon tired of it, but I was hooked! Can’t remember what I did before all this… “

Ok everyone, remember to clock is ticking, according to the USPS December 20th is the last day to ship for Christmas deliveries with first class shipping.  So get your clicking fingers ready and over to Etsy to check out H&J Star Creations!


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