Featured Etsy Shop – MY VINTAGE ALCOVE

The Holiday decorating and shopping season is upon us!!!   The Fall Décor is up and if weather soon permits the pumpkins will adorn the porch.  Our Fall and Christmas décor is filled with our own DIY projects or from other artists, mostly from my favorite Etsy Sellers.

This weeks featured favorite shop or shops is My Vintage Alcove and Haute Interiors :

My very first Etsy shop was my hand-crafted shop, “Haute Interiors LLC”. I began incorporating a few vintage hardware pieces into it & they sold very quickly. I was then bitten by the “vintage bug”. I did not like the cluttered look of my shop, so I opened my vintage shop in 2010, “My Vintage Alcove”, and it has changed my life!

 I grew up in the 70s with the Avocado Greens and Harvest Golds of that era. For some reason, as a child I was drawn to kitchenware of that period. I remember my mother throwing away perfectly good pieces, and I would go behind her, pull them out and save them. I would pre-shop her garage sales and kept items I would later take to my apartment. I remember her commenting to me how common these items were to her. They might have been common to that time, but I loved them.
As an adult, I look back at these pieces and reflect on the quality, how they were made & how well they have survived the passage of time. When I am out shopping, I purchase these quality houseware & home décor items that I am drawn to. I love reading the notes from my customers of how they saw an item in my shop that triggered a happy memory from the past, or all of their family members had an item and they wanted one of their very own, or why an item was gifted to another. These are part of the reason why selling vintage is so fulfilling for me.

 My goal is to grow my shop to the point where it will help support my family. Last autumn, I learned what persistence, dedication & consistency achieved for my shop. Therefore, at the beginning of 2013, I set goals for myself to grow my business. Etsy is definitely a learning experience, but it has also been a fun journey along the way. I get excited every time I hear the cha-ching of a sale on my phone, or see what new destination at item will be shipped to. It still amazes me that I am engaging in commerce internationally.

 Etsy is a wonderful world-wide marketplace, and I am an avid supporter of the hand-made and vintage movement. Etsy is a blessing for me and it has allowed me to achieve things that I never would have thought possible for me.

 ~ Michele Nicholson.


Shabby Chic Easter Decor

I know, I know I might be a bit early for Easter and I’m totally bypassing St. Patrick’s Day. But… I just adore the Easter season and the Spring fresh decor.

I love pastel colors, but at my house pastel colors really don’t fit in most of the rooms.  So, I kind of decorate with a more tattered shabby chic theme and need new decor items.  You know that means, yep…. it’s time to shop !  yay!

As always I want something unique and handcrafted, and with my craze schedule I don’t have the time or patience for craft shows, so my go to place is always Etsy.

For my back den I’m looking for primitive, teas stained items and fell in love with these Primitive Folk Art Bunnies from Old World Primitives.

or…. what about these totally cute little Chubby Baby Chicks from Harvestmoon Prims?
I’m thinking for over the fireplace and to place over a really great 1800’s mirror I’m thinking a book page or burlap wreath.
Love….. this Coffee Filter Paper Wreath I found over at The Salvaged Whimsy.

I could make one, but wow that is a lot.. of coffee filters!  And it’s looks like she has the craft down pat, so it would be so much better than what I could make.

Ok, I’m totally loving the little banner adorning this Burlap Wreath from atcompanyb.  I bet she would would make one that says Easter instead of Cheers.

So, all I have to do know is actually make up my mind, which is not easy at all.

Creating Christmas with Jen at I Can’t Stop Crafting

Hello AlyssaBeths readers!  My name is Jen, and I am the gal behind I Can’t Stop Crafting.   I am pleased as can be to be sharing here today, it’s always such a treat to be invited for a visit at another blog.  Feel free to swing by my home turf to see what I’ve been up to lately, to link up to my weekly Head to Head Showdown link party, or just to say “hi”. 

I’ve been watching in amazement as it seems all of blog world has gone mad for burlap and jute crafting.  The creative ideas people come up with, to jazz up humble burlap absolutely floors me.  Who’d have thought there would be so many possibilities?  Well, now it’s my turn.  I bought a roll of burlap the other day, and I put together this simple little wreath in a matter of minutes.

I started with the aluminum screw band from an old jar.  I cut a long strip of burlap, 3-4 inches wide and using hot glue, adhered the strip of burlap to the screw band.  
I then wound the burlap around the band, feeding it through the middle and wrapping it around until I’d worked by way around the entire band.

I secured the burlap in place with another dot of hot glue and trimmed any wayward strands from the burlap.

To spruce my little burlap wreath up, I added a few sprigs from a wired berry garland I bought years ago.  I just wrapped the little sprigs around and hot glued the ends in place.
As for where you need such a tiny wreath?  Well, perhaps you have a small shelf that needs adorning, like this:

Or wouldn’t a handful of these wreaths tucked among the boughs of your Christmas tree be charming?

  I think a set of these mini wreaths would make charming napkin rings as well. 

Thank you so much for having me here today, AlyssaBeths!  I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and enjoy each moment of the season!

Be blessed,

Etsy Love – Prim Fall Decor

I have multiple style personalities, but basically I love anything with chippy paint and is lovingly worm.  So this style quirk works with both shabby chic and prim decor. 

I think that Prim is the perfect style for Fall, and specially for Halloween!

I’ve spent part of my evening looking through the pages of Etsy and have been finding some really awesome Prim artists and making a shopping list, of course.  I’m like a little kid as soon as I get a bit of my money in my Etsy account I have to spend it, lol.

These adorable Primitive Silly Punkins Ornies or Tucks come from Buttons in the Attic, a very creative artists with lots of treasures for your Fall decor.

And how cute is this Penny Rug from Penny Rugs for the Holidays with it’s whimsical pumpkins and bold color palate.

I’ve been looking around the house to see where I could use this very cool Colonial Style Candle Box from Crow Hollow Primitive.  I love the color and simple lines and it has so many uses.  I’m thinking it might actually look great in my office at work!

And… I’m a sucker for fall spice candles, this one from Natures Glow Candles comes adorned with a plaid ribbon and rusty tin star and has the wonderful aroma of Halloween Candy Corn, oh yum!

Dollar Store Crafting – Shabby Chic Decoupage Pumpkin

Let the fun begin!  I’m so excited I’ve finally had the time to start crafting for the Holidays, of course beginning with Halloween.  I’m challenging myself this season to see what great crafts and decor I can create using Dollar Store, Goodwill or even old “junk” I have laying around the house. 

Here is the final result, very Shabby Chic Pumpkin accented with glitter!

I started with a little 5″ x 5″ pumpkin that I found at the Dollar Tree store, which is the perfect size to set on top of a candlestick.
My supplies – $1.00 pumpkin, Mod Podge, brush, black paint, black and snow glitter and paper to cover the pumpkin.  To cover the pumpkin I chose an antique handwritten letter that I found on the Internet and then made several copies which I tore into tiny pieces.
For an extra fun twist I added a digital collage medallion that I created with a cool bat silhouette and a great vintage from that I found on the Graphics Fairy Blog.

I used the black paint the paint the stem, giving it a good base for the black glitter latter.  Then mod podged (is that a real term?) the letter pieces all over and then added my bat medallion.  Let this dry for a day then added black glitter to the stem and snowy crystal glitter to the top portion of the pumpkin.

Ta da, there you have it and elegant little pumpkin!  Now if I can the hubby to drag the rest of my decorations out the attic this weekend..

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