Chic Repurposed Jewel Cross DIY

What woman doesn’t like a little glitter and bling?!?  I know I do, and love to find ways to reuse & repurpose bits and pieces of vintage jewelry that are a little tattered and maybe missing a stone or two.

This cross tutorial is so easy, using relatively common items turned out to be an elegant addition to my office.

·         Wooden Cross

·         Brass Filigree

·         White Paint

·         Clear or White Glitter

·         Broken Vintage Rhinestone Earring

·         Scrapbooking jewel embellishments

·         Rosary Chain

·         Glue

First thing is to pain the cross and brass filigree white.  Once the cross is dry adorn with glitter, then attach the brass filigree.  Let those dry.  Now you can adorn with the vintage jewelry piece of your choice, I used a vintage AB Rhinestone Earring.  Now you can adorn your little cross with little scrapbook jewel embellishments, I used clear and pearl.  To hang the cross I used a bit of vintage pearl rosary chain that I used to carry in my shop.

As always, Happy Crafting!




Etsy Seller Spotlight – Twisted Thread and Hook

I fell in love with Etsy years ago, first I loved the concept that everything was either handcrafted, vintage or used to create.  I also loved the fact that this new site was populated mostly by women, that this venue was giving them a voice and capability to sell their art and creations without the cost of a brick & mortar store front.  I have over the years been amazed at the creativity and ingenuity of the artist on Etsy, and amazed of the major success of some of the Etsy sellers.  I have had the great honor to meet some wonderful women and men, so we are starting a new weekly Etsy Seller Spotlight!

So to start off our new weekly Esty Seller Spotlight is the talented and lovely Magdalena of Twisted Thread & Hook.  Her stunning shop features amazing hand crafted rope rugs and doormats.

Magdalena’s Story:

I grew up in Poland where my mom introduced me to crocheting. Throughout the years, I tacked different form of craft and art, but I always found my way back to crocheting. One day I was looking for something unique to make and came across a doily cotton rope rug. I fell in love with it and from that moment, I’ve been designing and making my own rope rugs. I took that idea even further and started making cotton rope bath mats as well as jute rope doormats and rugs. Both cotton rope and jute rope give great texture, unique look which is what I love about them. However, with my kids in mind, I kept thinking what I could use to make the rugs nursery and children room friendly. That’s how fleece rugs idea came to live. I truly love the softness of these rugs (and so do my kids who tend to lay on them more than walk).

 When I was growing up, my family summer vacation was always on a sailboat. My love for sailing was deeply rooted in me. After making few of the rope rugs, it came to me all of the sudden that I could create some great nautical rug designs.

 I’m so excited to be able to share my passion for crafting, sailing and handmade with others.

Here are a few ways you can stay in touch and see my new designs.

Chic Moss Flower Pot with Nest Tutorial

Hey girls, well I’m sort of back to crafting. I’m so busy shopping and hunting down items for my upcoming vintage jewelry shop that it’s pretty much taken over all my free time, plus the weather is not cooperating with several furniture re-vamps that I have planned.

I’ve seen several moss covered clay pots at several high dollar home decor stores lately, and being frugal (cheap) I was not going to pay the price.  So what did I find at the Dollar Tree, yep a roll of 1″ moss on web backing, how awesome is that!

Clay Pot – I had on my potting bench
Nest with eggs – purchased at Hobby Lobby for 1/2 price
Paint – to age the pot
Tea Stained Paper Tag – easy to make
Bird Stamp
Wire or String – I already had the rusty wire
I sponged dark brown, moss green and white paint to the lip of the clay pot to age it.  Just work with the paint until you get the look you are going for.  Let this dry before starting to adhere the moss.
Now unroll your moss, because of the shape of the pot I ended up cutting it up a bit to fit on the tilt of the little pot and used a glue gun to glue it down.  You might need to fill in some gaps with bits of loose moss.
Now that this is all done you can glue in your nest with plastic speckled eggs.

And for the finishing touch I added a tea stained, bird stamped tag tied on with a rusty wire.  I think the total cost of this little craft project for me was only about $4.00 since I had so many of the items already.  I think Pottery Barn would be proud, lol.

Shabby Chic Button Jars

Now that I have my own craft space (also guest bedroom) I need to start getting a little more organized!  I have tons and tons of vintage and antique buttons and have been keeping them in baggies, really not very attractive.  I love old glass jars and ball jars, but those can be pretty expensive and I need a bunch.  So I went to my old stand by Dollar Tree and found these really cool retro sugar shakers! 
Of course I couldn’t just leave them plain.  I wanted to spray paint the lids but the weather won’t permit this for a while so I decided to decoupage the lids with black & while toile scrapbook paper that I already had on hand.

Next I thought I would decorate the glass jar portion and found these vintage button tags on the Graphics Fairy.  Copied and printed out on card stock and adorned with a vintage button.  Then wrapped some vintage lace around the jars and attached the button tags with kitcen twine.  Again a super… easy and inexpensive craft project.
Supplies: Sugar shakers, scrapbook paper, kitchen twine, vintage buttons, lace, card stock, Mod Podge
Happy Crafting!

Chic Damask Magnetic Memo Board, Dollar Tree Crafting

Hey ladies, well I’ve been rummaging around the the Dollar Tree again, and yes I had to sneak in three bag of stuff!  I found the cutest little silver colored metal trays there that look like little fancy serving trays.  They aren’t large, the oval tray which I used in this tutorial measures 12″ x 8 1/2″.

Supplies you will need:
Metal Tray
Scrapbook paper
Buttons, vintage jewelry – or what ever you wish to create the magnets
Glue – Elmers and E-6000
Mod Podge
Coordinating Ribbon

This little memo board is so… crazy easy.  In order o coordinate with my new little craft space I chose this black & white damask print Scrapbook Paper, which I bought for 1/2 price at Hobby Lobby.  First you will need to cut your paper to fit into the flat part of the tray, once this is cute glue down with Elmers.  I let mine dry for a day and then covered with Mod Podge.

For the shabby chic magnets I used pieces of vintage jewelry, a velvet ribbon rose and buttons that I had on hand.  All I had to do was glue a magnet to each one using the E-6000!

Once your little tray is dry, turn over and glue your ribbon to the back (I used E-6000 for this part), tie and big pretty bow and it/s ready to hang!  I used a Shabby Chic
1 1/2″ satin ribbon that I already had on hand.

Have A Happy Week and Happy Crafting!

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Happy New Year, One Resolution Down More to Go

I hope that everyone is having a safe and happy New Years Eve.  Me, my big event for the evening was running out for Dunkin Donuts (yes, I can be bribed with donuts!).  We are spending a quiet evening at home with my step-son and watching movies, nice and safe that way.
New Years resolutions, well I have several this year.
1. Move my craft room – done
2. Take more time off from work to de-stress
3. Exercise and Take Vitamins daily!
4. Loose weight – oh… the donuts don’t really seem like a good idea then, lol
5. Get my backyard back in shape, that is if we are allowed to water this year
For the one item that I can already mark off my list, the craft room!

For the last 2 years I have taken over our formal dining room. It drove me nuts to walk in the house and the first thing that you saw was jewelry supplies and craft projects in mid-stream. Plus, it was really dark in there and I swear I was going blind, lol.
This summer my step-daughter graduated high school and decided to live primarily with her mother (no rules or school expectations over there).  So… we decided to move my little work room into her room!!  It’s not a big space, and won’t make it into the “Where Women Create” publication, but is a vast improvement, it’s my space and I can make it as girly and shabby chic as I want to!

I love my new space and have decorated it with antiques that are old freinds and recent finds all now painted a lovely soft Shabby Chic white.
The a chifarobe I purchased at an auction when I was 19 and have been lugging it around with me all these these years.  I adore black and white, and for the most part that is what the room is, with the white furniture, black & white damask prints and vintage ticking fabric, but I decided to paint the wall as very… soft pale green. 

The lovely art deco vanity (a Craig’s list find) is now my shipping area and my chifarobe stores my beads, vintage jewerly and most of my craft supplies.  And my little stack of vintage suitcases, the tapestry overnight case was my grandmother’s, is used for extra storage.

I’m off to a good start this year, well…. except for the donuts..

Happy New Year and Happy Crafting

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Felt Rose Christmas Tree Ornament

Ok, here is one last frugal (cheap) Christmas craft for this year!  This time I branched out and found my inspiration and supplies in the $1.00 section of Michaels. 

Christmas tree shapes $1.00 for ring of 5
         cardboard shapes and measure 6″
Striped contact paper $1.00
Felt – already had on hand, but only cost
         29. for each sheet

This ornament is so easy and quick, a perfect rainy day holiday craft project with your kiddos.  First step, remove Christmas trees from ring, then remove enough of the back off the contact paper to cover your tree shape, both back and front.

Now that super duper easy step is done it’s time to decorate.  I decided to cut scalloped shaped strips of the bright green felt and glued down on the tree. 
Then I started creating my three little felt roses, by first cutting felt circles, which you then cut into spirals.  Next you simply start rolling the spirals into a rose shape.  Now cut little leaf shapes.  Attach your roses and leaves to your little trees and once they are nice and dry start applying glue for your glitter!
Happy Holidays and Happy Crafting!

Shabby Chic Altered Candle & Candle Holder Tutorial

Happy Saturday everyone, I hope that you all have enjoyed all the wonderful crafts featured on Alyssabeths this week and that you’ve had time to check out the other crafters at the Girl Creative and the other co-hosting blogs!

You never know where you will find inspiration, I had my mind set on one thing and then wandered into Ross where I found these wonderful cut glass coasters, 4 for $4.99!  I also happened to have 4 of those great candle sticks from the Dollar Tree, yes I hoard them because if you wait until you need them they won’t be there.


Set of 4 coasters $4.99

4 clear candle sticks $1.00 each

4 Vanilla pillar candles $1.00 each
Silver Glitter Snowflake Ornaments
Sheet music paper
Vintage Lace
E-6000 glue

If course I couldn’t leave the candles plain, so I painted Modpodge on each candle and sprinkled with glitter and let them dry for 24 hours.

While those were drying I decided to go ahead and create the candle holder.  I first had to remove the stickers from each coaster and candle stick, so I went ahead and hand washed each piece.  One those were nice and dry I glued the candle sticks and coasters together using E-6000 glue, love this stuff it’s extra sturdy and drys crystal clear.

Ok so now that the glittered pillar candles are dry it’s time to decorate!  I cut strips of the sheet music scrapbook paper with a pretty edge (tip – I make copies of this particular paper because I use it so much, this is much cheaper than buying it over and over), wrap around the candle and glue down the ends with Elmers glue. 

Over that wrap vintage or vintage looking lace, and then with ribbon simply tie your ornament on!  Oh by the way, these are metal snowflake ornaments and measure about 2″ across, I got a package of 10 for half off of $2.99 at Hobby Lobby.

And there you have it, a very elegant and frugal and very….. Shabby Chic pillar candle and fancy candle holder.  Great for a one of a kind and elegant hostess gift, Christmas gift or even for yourself!  Mine… are going to 4 of my friends at work!

As always, Happy Holidays and Happy Crafting!

As we wrap up Creating Christmas week I hope that you have all been inspired to stop pinning and start creating! I’m excited to see what everyone has been working on. This Christmas Linky Party is no ordinary party. This is a blog hop. And what that means is that there are 18 FABULOUS bloggers that are hosting this party at their very own blog. Whether you add your project link here or at any of the other 17 co-hosts blogs, it will show up on one huge party list! Awesome!
If you haven’t already, please take the time out to visit the other co-hosts and go through their Creating Christmas posts. There is some really neat projects!
The Rules are SiMpLe:
  • Add a link to a project that YOU have created!
  • Visit the 2 links ahead of you and check out what they’ve got going on. Leave some comment love. Tis the season for giving after all. {wink wink}

Creating Christmas Chic JOY to the World Book Page Christmas Wreath Dollar Tree Crafts

Hello friends, I’m up bright and early this morning and couldn’t wait to start of our week long Creating Christmas event with the Creative Girl!!

This week I’m going with a very Shabby Chic theme, of course using very frugal supplies, some from the Dollar Tree, a lot I already had and then some from Thrift Stores.  My work room, me and the dogs are covered in silver and snow white glitter!

I thought the wreath turned out to be very Shabby Chic and very elegant.  The best part is that it is super duper easy to create and a very inexpensive holiday craft.

Supplies were purchased at the Dollar Tree and items on hand:

Styrofoam disc – $1.00 for 2
Book Pages – entire book $1.00
Ribbon – $1.00
Glitter Wreath Ornaments – $1.00
Already had on Hand:
Crepe paper
Glue Gun
Free Vintage Graphics

To start your project cut out the book pages with an exacto for a clean edge, roll into cone shapes and tape.  For the outer layer I left the edges plain, but for the inner layer I added a fancy edge with scrapbook scissors.  One you have enough cones just start gluing onto the Styrofoam disc.  I used my glue gun for this.  Decorate the edges with glitter for extra sparkle!
While I let the wreath base dry I popped over to the Graphics Fairy, my go to place for vintage graphics and found this stunning JOY to the World graphic for my center medallion.  Save the graphic to your computer, I changed the graphics to a round shape and then printed on white card stock, cut this out and glued to the back of the gold and silver glitter wreath ornament.  Once this was good a dry and took a roll of vintage cream crepe paper and created a ruffle using tape to adhere the crepe paper.

Finally you have your ruffled medallion done flip over and glue to the center of the wreath.  For hanging just glue a ribbon to the back! 

And there you have a very elegant and frugal Christmas Book Page Wreath, which I think cost me around $5.00 to create.

Happy Holidays and Happy Crafting My Friends!